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See more ideas about vocabulary, vocabulary foldable and teaching vocabulary. Teach students to write general information such as titles, vocabulary words. Journeys third grade lesson 12 vocabulary foldable. Foldable assessment rubric for assessing foldables or graphic organizers excellent fair 4 points good 3 points 2 points poor 1 point completeness contains all information as requested.

This set of foldable templates for your science interactive notebooks covers vocabulary for a life cycle unit on plants or animals, metamorphosis of insects, and classifying animals. These organizers give the students an opportunity to express their understanding both linguistically and visually. Foldable fun i love incorporating foldables into my daily routines as often as possible, so im always looking for newcreative ways to do this. Science interactive notebook templates 203 foldable flip. Part of disciplinary literacy instruction in science is supporting students in being able to communicate like scientists, which means they need to use the. Foldables creator dinah zike offers some strategies for extending vocabulary learning with by creating handson flashcards for kinesthetic learning. A foldable is a 3d, studentmade, interactive graphic organizer based upon a skill.

Foldables help students focus on and remember the information presented without being distracted by other print. Attaching an envelope as a pocket is a great way for students to insert some vocabulary cards with their meanings on the back. By doing this, key concepts are viewed every time a st udent looks at a foldable. Finish ph foldable, bring at least 2 pictures printed. Maps technology tools rewards and consequences classroom blog daily geographysponge video dictionary media library student work math videos learning lab videos crct practice exams.

Reading, writing, and other communication in science requires the use of unique vocabulary. You will need to glue the wheels together by placing glue on the small circles that. These would be great for science interactive notebooks, or to display. The 4th door has step by step instructions on how to solve a word problem. Foldable graphic organizers are by far the favorite with the students and most of the above ideas could easily be done within foldable graphic organizers. Find science cut ups that meet your curriculum needs by using the descriptions below each item in the catalog. Using foldable graphic organizers can help students to understand and retain the. Vocabulary for interactive notebooksfreebie foldable graphic. Then they create a picture or illustrations that will help them visualize what the word means. In one box, have the students write the vocab word. Look at any figures that accompany the text that help you understand the meaning of the term. Science cut ups are manipulative activities designed to help teach science concepts andor science process skills.

Interactive notebook vocabulary blank by science doodles freebie. This incredible 432page photographic reference book contains over 1,600 color photos of foldables, notebook foldables and vkvs visual kinesthetic vocabulary. Flower parts and their jobs foldable idea label each flower part and underneath. Jan 16, 2014 foldables creator dinah zike offers some strategies for extending vocabulary learning with by creating handson flashcards for kinesthetic learning. Science foldables pdf national research council 2005 identified factors critical to teaching and learning. I have included the following words, and you can also edit your own. C, sole source affidavit for supporting science, inc. In doing this lesson, have students create the vocabulary foldable, and then attempt the more complex earth foldable. Students are able to represent the information in different ways. One version has all of the boxes labeled so you know what goes where. Increasing literacy skills through explicit vocabulary instruction. Choose from 500 different sets of science vocabulary flashcards on quizlet. For the template that i presented to students, i created a twosided duplex copy rather than gluing two pages together as is indicated by the directions. Along with the formulas, inside the foldable are 3 practice problems, and a few notes about mass, volume, and density.

Finish ph foldable, bring at least 2 pictures printed or magazine cutout of your favorite food. Foldables help students build understanding through the use of visual and kinesthetic interactions. Force and motion vocabulary foldables core 82 science. The books are content specific and include activities, directions, and templates. In one box, have the students write the official definition.

We will create a foldable in class today for students to use as a learning tool and a study aid. The use of a foldable or graphic organizer can help students build their understanding of a science concept in a structured and tangible way. Square circular popup greeting card diy tutorial by paper folds. We used the prezi to gather definitions and examples for each of our vocabulary terms teacher input. Interactive science notebook vocabulary foldable on matter and. C, digestionchemical and physical changes foldable.

Teachers resource book, discuss with students how they can adapt them to make their own foldables learning and study aids. There are two, ready to print sheets, with terms, definitions and colorful pictures. Using foldable graphic organizers can help students to understand and retain the challenging vocabulary for science, social studies, math and literature. Before writing the description, read the definition given in the glossary and read the text refernce given in the glossary. Float or sink interactive pdf with laptop activity link shockwave dunkin for density challenge pdf students will figure out how to make a film canister float, suspend, and sink in tank of water. Teachers need to understand how to make this vocabulary accessible to students and how to have them consistently use it in authentic contexts.

To make any of these games more challenging, you can combine 2 or 3 related sets of vocab into the mix. It is organized alphabetically, with sections including abbreviations, acronyms, analogies, antonyms, clipped words, root words, synonyms, and more with extensive word lists in each. The one box, have the students draw a representation of the word. Using foldable graphic organizers with interactive notebooks.

Ppt provided by elizabeth ridgeway lce lake country. Types of clouds parts of a plant food chain vocabulary thriving, endangered, extinct types of an ecosystems states of matter types of rocks although they are designed for use in an interactive notebook, the foldable can also. My students love using it during literacy, but it could also be used in other content areas. You can set up stations around the room with different vocabulary activities and students can rotate through the stations. Jun 26, 2012 each week my students created a vocabulary foldable with five new words they were learning. Making a foldable gives students a fast, kinesthetic activity that helps them organize and retain infor. Each week my students created a vocabulary foldable with five new words they were learning. Most of the flip books are left blank on the inside. Browse foldables for science resources on teachers pay teachers. If you are a language teacher yourself you would often have to make your students fill up the vocabulary worksheets to test their vocabulary strength. The comprehensive gradebygrade science vocabulary lists below are based on state and national science standards. The foldable flip books can be used in a file folder to create lapbooks, or glue them into your science interactive notebooks. Foldables bro 3 30 public schools of robeson county. Interactive science notebook ecology vocabulary foldable this vocabulary foldable includes 16 important terms for teaching ecology.

Download, print, and copy the instructions and foldables. Builds science content and process skills increases student participation in science, math, writing, and art. Science interactive notebooks can be used in many ways in your classroom to help your students keep track of key vocabulary, definitions, and concepts. Interactive science notebook earth and the universe vocabulary foldable scramble words and definitions in a printable pdf document to. After the answers to the first section there will be sentences to fill in to practice the same vocabulary. This pdf file includes the following activities to help your students learn.

Science vocabulary how much of this science vocabulary do you know. Vocabulary strategies using interactive notebooks compiled by sally creel k5 science supervisor, cobb county schools sally. To begin to talk about the upcoming unit, i want to start by building a foundation using the vocabulary that is relevant. The lists are divided by year group and topic, however could be adapted for use across the primary phase. This bundle includes something for every science unit. I want them to be comfortable with using the vocabulary. Vocabulary foldable with images teaching vocabulary. The words and illustrations were written on the outside of each flap, and the sentences and definitions were added to the inside.

Some specific templates include apples, pumpkins, bats, insects, and chickens. This four page pdf document creates two flip open foldables for your students to c. Learning vocabulary in science wisconsin department of. Students should complete a vocabulary foldable prior to attempting this more complex foldable. This four page pdf document creates two flip open foldables for your.

If you dont see a teachers printable design or category that you want, please take a moment to let us know what you are looking for. Teach students to writetitles, vocabulary words, concepts, skills, questions, main ideason the front tabs of their foldables. Every chapter in the student edition of the textbook begins with a foldable that is used as a study organizer. View download, vocabulary foldable for harvest, cash crop, regions, and dairy, 185k, v. Color and cut out the circles on page 1 through page 3. Integrating science across the curriculum exploring. Vocabulary strategies using interactive notebooks book lists. History, mathematics, and science in the classroom. Foldable that will be used for properties of minerals. Jan 09, 2010 this is from a science scope article click here to download. Below you can see the teacher directions as well as an example of a completed foldable. Because i use an interactive science notebook on an almost daily basis as well, most foldables fit perfectly into the spirals or composition notebooks.

This is from a science scope article click here to download. Present the directions and template for the foldable and show an example of how to set up their blank sheet of paper. Above is a photo of a 4door foldable for the three density related formulas. This science foldable bundle is suitable for grades 36. Read the instructions on page 4 carefully before you begin, and then create a foldable as a model for the students to follow. Scientific vocabulary this collection contains lists of the key scientific vocabulary encountered at primary level, ready to be printed off and used in class. Simply follow the instructions on the word document.

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